Wednesday, 10 April 2013


HCS is a family run Window Cleaning business, based in Bolton, Lancashire. For over 40 years the business has served the local community. It has many domestic and commercial customers ranging from large housing estates to local business shops and pubs.

Chris Horan the owner of the business, wanted to replace his existing paper work as it was very time consuming. He had a number of employees to organize each day and he cash collected most evenings. Chris contacted us and went on to explained how his business worked. I explained how midas would work in his situation and told him he could use his smartphone to view his work schedules and to view his collection list.

I explained that when he updated the customers details on the mobile, he didn't have to do it when he got home. As he had quite a few employees each was given their own log in details and password, so midas was able to distinguish between each user. Each of his employees had their own smartphones, so Chris pays them a little extra each week to cover their phone bill.

Midas sorted out all Chris's invoices; At the touch of a button he can print or email invoices or even print multiple invoices in one go. Midas allowed Chris and his employees to work on different streets and estates that are miles apart. In the evening, he logs on to midas to see how he and his employees have managed that day. Cash collecting was always an issue with his original books and Excel sheets. When it was windy, raining and really cold, the page would be flapping from back to front. It was difficult making notes that the customer had paid whilst it was raining, because sometimes the ink would run making the writing illegible. Chris uses a water proof cover for his iPhone, it protects as well as allows him to use midas in all weathers.

HCS has been using midas since its initial concept in 2006. Midas has grown up a lot since those early days, its much more easier to learn and use. A lot of the functions are self explanatory, but nothing beats using it on a daily basis. Chris has said numerous times, that he cant understand why other Window Cleaners are not using midas.

There are other products out there, some are good, but some are dated and do not have the same amount of functionality as midas. Midas  wont stop working if you upgrade your computer, it runs in a browser and is based on cloud technology; so you never have to worry about uninstalling and reinstalling midas. But unfortunately, most Window Cleaners are still old school, they still prefer to use note books to store their rounds in and then they go home to a frustrated hour or two of Excel.

You can visit the HCS web site  here
You can visit their Facebook page here

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

HappyBins, Tranent, Scotland

HappyBins have been running since 2006 in Tranent, Scotland. Run by husband and wife team, Laurence and Janice Stephenson, they have managed to grow their business year on year. In 2006 midas was initially developed with input from Janice and Laurence and together we created a software solution that was made for their business as well as the Wheelie Bin Cleaning industry.

We found that Janice, who ran the office side of the business needed the software to replace her Excel spreadsheets as they were taking longer and longer to manage. The more successful the business was becoming, the longer it was taking to manage the administration. They were not getting home until 8-9pm in the evenings and found they were spending less and less time with their family. Laurence explained, that as much as he tried to manage the round through work sheets, some of the notes of his drivers were very difficult to read as the sheets got wet, dirty and badly creased, sometimes totally illegible. And each driver had their own excuse as to why certain jobs weren't done or why complete streets were totally missed. Which in turn always left Janice having to sort out the mistakes.

They also had a few of their employees that went out collecting cash occasionally, as well as themselves. In most cases, the cash never tallied up when it was an employee, a simple mistake of not putting the correct amount down on a collection sheet, would add extra hours to tracking down the mistake. Once they had finished with the collection and updated the spreadsheets, they could then printout the schedule for the next day. They also pointed out that the local Council would occasionally alter round schedules, sending their refuse trucks to a different district. Again they had to reorganize their spreadsheets and their schedules and inform their customers of the changes. It all sounded like a nightmare, one you may have encountered or even be experiencing now.

When midas was developed, we made sure that the people out in the field using their smartphone could see the very latest customers, so if they were in the area, they could clean their bins there and then. The system had to let the desktop user, see where the operative was working at any time. A collection and schedule system was built to run on smartphones and provide just enough information, so they could perform their work duties. Once HappyBins had entered all the customers into the midas system, they were able to administer and manage their workload much more easily. The desktop system allowed them to print schedules in seconds as well as being able to switch rounds with rounds. Midas was able to calculate how much money should be collected and how much the collector had collected. Within a month midas had completely replaced their Excel Spreadsheets, their schedules and collection lists. They could now manage customers of all descriptions and the frequencies of there cleans. If a customer wanted a quarterly clean, midas would remind the mobile operative at the time. Pre-Payments were another prerequisite, and was integrated into the midas system.

Their business has been through tough times, especially due to the severe winter weather conditions blighting Scotland at times. There were times they couldn't even get into the office due to heavy snow, but they were able to log into midas using their home PC's and laptop's.

Midas has been there like a rock, reliable and trustworthy at all times allowing them to administer the business from home. In fact midas has advanced dramatically since those early days 2006 with improved interface functions, email facilities, ability to print multiple invoices, Facebook marketing connectivity as well as being iPhone and iPad friendly.

HappyBins is still going strong to this day and its still a family run business, today you will catch Lauren, one of the daughters of Janice and Laurence running the office and using midas. HappyBins covers the Tranent area of Scotland, the City of Edinburgh and much of the surrounding areas. You can contact HappyBins at the following address or at their Facebook address here

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Kev's Wheelie Kleen, Lakelands, Western Australia

Just to prove the midas software is a global system, one of our customers is based in Lakelands, Western Australia. Kevin Morris, owner of Kev's Wheelie Kleen, has been using the midas system since October 2010. When he first contacted us, he said he was after a system that would remove most of the paperwork from his job, but would also provide a way of updating his customers while he was out in the field. After a number of Skype meetings, Kev was up and running with midas on his desktop and his iPhone. He said it saved him hours each evening not having to update his existing paperwork system. It gave him more time to spend with his wife and children.

Managing the printing of hundreds of invoices he had to send each week became a much simpler task, thanks to midas. To save on stamps, ink and paper, Kev now emails invoices directly from midas to his customers, saving him even more time. Midas can automatically send emails to customers while he updates his iPhone outside a customers property. This way his customers can see the date and time he called and cleaned their wheelie bins.  Kev said the midas system was worth every penny of his subscription, knowing that it's professionally managed, that he has 24hour support via Skype, email or phone and that it's also backed up every couple of hours; and finally, most importantly, 100% reliable 24/7.

Kevs Wheelie Kleen web site can be found here

or on their Facebook page here

When time is the essence, its smart to use midas, because it does the work that you don't want to.We have been asked on numerous occasions, does midas work in the USA. The answer is YES it does, as well as any other country you may think of. As long as you have access to the internet you can use midas.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Finding out who provides the best mobile network coverage for you area is no longer a secret. Click here to find out more...Or better still you can type in the postcode of your area and view the individual mobile masts for each mobile provider. Try it now...

Friday, 29 March 2013

Using an iPhone 3G for work!!!

Your not still running around with a 
battered old Nokia are you?

 Surly not! Especially when you could be using a secondhand iPhone 3G or 3Gs!

The price of second hand iPhones has come down, but the reliability and quality has not. They are so simple to use, a child of four or five can even play games on them. I even purchased one for my mother a few weeks ago, she is 78, and still send emails to her relatives abroad and social friends. They have apps or programs to cover any conceivable idea you can imagine and more.

Watch the Apple iPhone tutorials to see how easy it is to use the iPhone.

Tutorial #1
Tutorial #2
Tutorial #3
Tutorial #4

Ok, you may say, but I dont want to use it at work as it will get dirty, get bashed about or even broken. Today the number of protective covers made and designed for these devices is incredible. And they really do protect the iphone...

The best of them really is the Griffin Survivor Military Case and these are very, very durable, to the point of dropping them in water, on the floor or running over them in a vehicle. Dont believe me check out the following video...

Or you could carry the mobile round you neck for regular usage, especially data entry. See the midas video

If you sign up to a mobile service carrier , i.e Vodafone, Orange, O2 etc, with a contract this can be based over 2 long years. And your looking at about 40 quid a month depending on the tariff you chooses. Yes, you do get a brand new mobile, if your existing one breaks but, you need to take out insurance too.

So, if you dont want a contract, then the easy option, is to purchase a second hand iPhone based on your regular service carrier. You can get a second hand iPhone 3Gs for a little as a 50 pounds, do expect to pay more for a mint condition one, check out ebay and you will be pleasantly surprised. Most carriers do pay as you go or use your existing Sim card so you can keep your original number. Don't forget you can transfer mobile number too! But you will need to contact your existing carrier.

If your wanting to use the midas system, you will need to have access to the internet at all times. Its well worth looking around for the best deals. You should also try and make sure they have a good network coverage in your area of work. This ensures that you can get a signal where ever you are.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Kev's Wheelie Kleen Australia

This promotion video is for Kev's Wheelie Kleen from Perth, Western Australia. Kev Morris is a long time subscriber of the midas system. The requirements Kev wanted from midas forced midas into version two and we are forever grateful for it. We have spent many Skype hours over the years discussing midas and its functions and the best ways to improve them. "We are still working on it Kev. No doubt there will be a midas 4 in the future" Thanks go to Kev for his commitment and support, because without it, midas 3 would not have evolved.